Here are some of my go-to sites. Also, feel free to link any of my recipes wherever you may go, but be sure to link back to my blog! :)

PaleOMG, a hilarious blog that makes me laugh with every post.

The Food Lovers' Primal Palate is home to a wealth of Paleo information and recipes.

Robb Wolf is the author of "The Paleo Solution," the book that got me started into the Paleo lifestyle.

Leets Street belongs to my good friend Cassie. Great food and always something fun to read.

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations is great because of all the great recipes and lots of awesome giveaways.

The Foodee Project you will never run out of meal options with this site.

Mark's Daily Apple -- An awesome place for a daily dose of primal knowledge.

Refusing to Tiptoe is a blog operated by my friend Cristal. Powerful stories about life and living.

Crossfit SteadFast -- Owned by our friend Brian Nedab in Savannah, GA. Drop in if you're ever in his area!

Slankers Grass-Fed Meats is where we buy grass-fed meat for us and the dogs. The site gives tons of compelling evidence in support of eating grass-fed meat.

Ternion Crossfit is where I get my WOD on!

TopLine Foods is a great source for grass-fed beef! Be sure to read their post on why grass-fed is best for Paleo!

Paleo Powder -- The perfect seasoning!

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