Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: "The Stick"

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I have had a little side-kick for the last few weeks that I've been bringing everywhere I go--well, just about everywhere. It's The Stick! I love this thing, I've grown pretty attached to it. When I was asked to review The Body Stick I was pretty excited, so here is my take on the product.

So what *IS* The Stick, you ask?

Since I'm a Crossfitter, my legs are sore pretty much all the time, so I started using it as a way to massage my sore leg muscles. I felt a big difference in the way my legs felt and recovered from workouts. Its design can get into all the little nooks and crannies--behind and on the sides of my knees, my inner thighs, places that foam rollers are usually too large and cumbersome to reach. I also have very tight achilles, brought on by 10 years of standing behind a styling chair. While I still have a little tightness and pain in the area, it's getting better everyday and doesn't bother me during my warm ups, thanks to The Stick.

Now lets talk about my butt... I do a lot of squats, and I mean a lot; most days I wish my bathroom had a handicap rail.  For some reason when my gluteus maximus gets sore it seems to stay sore for a few days, but since rolling it out with The Stick a couple times a day my soreness dissipates faster.

I also love the way is feels on my back and arms. The only problem is that you need someone willing to roll it up and down my back and arms. Unfortunately, I'm limited to using it on my legs and butt only.  Bummer, but not the end of the world.  Another downfall is that it's a little tricky to travel with since it doesn't fit a standard gym bag so I have to carry it around like a walking stick. That's more of a flaw in my bag and me looking creepy not an actual complaint about The Stick.

All in all, it is an incredibly useful tool that I plan on keeping around. I might even look into getting a bigger bag so that I can travel with it.

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