Friday, February 15, 2013

Paleo Fabulous Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to everyone for finishing the challenge!

Remember, the prizes are awarded for the top overall team and male/female individuals. As I mentioned before the challenge, scores were not the only factor that went into deciding the winners. Total transformation, goals achieved, as well as the goals themselves factored into the final standings.

Lastly, thank you ALL for making this what I felt was a huge success that exceeded all of my wildest expectations! Now, without further ado...

Top Team: Neandergals! Sabrina, Angela, Lori, Sara from Crossfit Steadfast in Savannah, GA!

Top Male: F. Scott Bauer from Crossfit Beaumont!
*Top Female: Christina Greenway from Crossfit Bridge City!

Runners up were Girls Gone RX from Crossfit Bridge City. Team Tyrannosaurus Flex from Crossfit Steadfast was the top male team, finishing 3rd overall.

*Since all of the individual females DQ'd, I looked into the 2nd place team and selected who I felt did best, based on the same factors above.
I will e-mail the winners for shipping information for the prizes, as well as to ask for permission to use any/all before and after photos for the blog and Facebook page. Also, I'll be making special posts to recognize those who made especially great accomplishments.

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  1. The official theme song for those of us at CrossFit Steadfast:

  2. Yep! Steadfast did the best overall by far!

  3. This was so yummy and refreshing. My kids didn't care for it but oh we'll more for me! I literally ate it all by myself over a couple of days! :)

    1. I think you must have posted this in the wrong place? Oh well, I;m happy you liked whatever it was lol.