Monday, January 28, 2013

Chicken Veggie Bake

It's Monday... yay. No really, I'm off today so yay me, although Mondays are one of my busier days. I understand that the rest of the world hates Mondays with a passion, I mean the weekend is over, you have to go back to work/school blah blah blah. Let's not let it get us down! We're cave-people, we laugh in the face of a challenge, we like to be pushed out of our comfort zone (AKA the bed), we live to conquer stuff so let's pull ourselves together and punch Monday in the throat. We can brag to all of our friends about how we "totally dominated that Monday."

I'm a little more enthusiastic than normal because I started my day off with a Filthy Fifty paired with bacon and washed it all down with a nice home-brewed Kombucha, what more could this little cave lady want? So on this particular Monday, find joy in the little things, like the fact that your boss had to come to work too. Embrace life and remember you get back what cha' put out.

This recipe is one of those "little things" because it's quick and easy. Even tastes good cold.

*No Mondays were harmed during the typing of this post*

Chicken Veggie Bake
2-3 lbs. chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 crowns broccoli
1 1/2 C grape tomatoes, cut in half
3 Tbs. oregano
1/4 tsp. thyme
1 cup tomato sauce
salt and pepper

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Mix tomato sauce, oregano, thyme, salt and pepper together.
3. Place chicken in a large casserole dish along broccoli and halved tomatoes.
4. Pour tomato sauce mixture over chicken and veggies.
5. Mix until everything together until sauce is distributed evenly.
6. Bake 35-45 mins.

Serves 4-6

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Apple Pork Meatballs

One of my co-worker's (Jennifer) husband's killed (I normally say "caught" but was informed that it's awfully hard to catch a wild animal so they shoot them instead) more hogs than they could eat so I just acquired a boat-load of wild pork! To tell you the truth, I am pretty dang excited about it! Be on the lookout for a lot more pork recipes. Oh, and a little side note: Two of the girls I work with are eating Paleo; there are only six of us ,including myself so I only have 3 more people to convince!

This is another recipe that I made for a Paleo potluck I attended. It was great for dinner but thanks to the apples and cinnamon it made a perfect breakfast the next morning.

Apple Pork Meatballs
2 pounds ground pork
2 apples, shredded
1 egg, beat
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
salt and pepper to taste 

1.  Preheat oven to 350. Heat 1 tablespoon of bacon fat (or fat of choice) in skillet.

2.  Combine pork, shredded apples, egg, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and salt/pepper in a large mixing bowl, and use your hands!

3.  Form into golfball-sized meatballs,  place in a skillet and brown on both sides.

4.  After all meatballs are browned on all sides, place in casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes.

5.  When meatballs are finished cooking, remove it from the oven  and dust with cinnamon, salt and pepper, then let cool and serve. 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Paleo Chicken Salad

As you may already know, I'm hosting a Paleo challenge and I decided to throw out some extra credit and encourage community. The deal was this: if you attended any Paleo "potluck," you would be awarded 10 bonus points. This went over very well and I am very happy about it because when participating in anything like this, many people need support from others-- especially if they are new to the Paleo world. Even if they aren't, it's nice to have others' encouragement; you listen to others and you vent about your cravings. Usually the conversations end up with being told to suck it up. I prefer tough love (giving it anyway) as a follow up to a pat on the back. Plus a Paleo potluck is freaking awesome!! All that good, clean food, I mean come on what's not to love?

I was invited to two potlucks last week, one at my Gma's house because all my LOL's (little old ladies, which are my Gma and my aunts) and my sister are doing the challenge. Those recipes will be posted later. The other was at a friends' house and we had a great turnout! This chicken salad was one of the things I brought and it went over well so I deemed it blog-worthy. Of course, there's bacon in it! I hope you enjoy:)

Paleo Chicken Salad
4 to 5 cups chicken, cooked and shredded
6 slices of bacon, cooked and broken into pieces
2 cups purple grapes, cut in half
2 cups chopped celery
1 cup aioli
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp. smoked paprika
salt and pepper to taste

1. In a large mixing bowl, mix the chicken, bacon, grapes and celery with your hands.

2. Sprinkle in the cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, salt and pepper and mix well.

3. Add the aioli to the chicken mixture and stir until all ingredients are combined thoroughly, dust with smoked paprika and chill until ready to be served. Remember, chicken salad is best served cool.

This served 6-8 cave people (probable 10-12 normal people)

*Save time and cook the chicken via crockpot OR use leftover chicken from the night before.
**I added 1/4 tsp. smoked paprika and cayenne pepper to my aioli.
*** I also used hot smoked paprika to give it a kick.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Buffalo Sauce

It's been too long. I haven't posted since Christmas; That's way too long! I just got taken away with the holiday and working super hard on getting the Paleo challenge up and running. Then it happened, I got SICK. A big, lay-in-bed-have-fever-and-cough-until-you-have-a-6-pack-want-to-die-kinda-sick. It sucked. I haven't been sick like that in a long time, and even then I'm not sure I have ever really been that sick.

I'm better now (mostly) and I can get back to the kitchen and post some new recipes! Moral of the story: SLEEP. Your body will crumble without it, but I'll save that for another post on another day.

Buffalo Sauce
1/2 cup tomato sauce
3 Tbs. grass-fed butter
2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 - 1 tsp. cayenne pepper
salt to taste

1. Heat a small sauce pan on medium to low heat.

2. Pour tomato sauce into pan, once it starts to heat, up stir in butter.

3. As butter melts, whisk in all other ingredients until combined.

4. Continue whisking for 5 mins. Let cool and pour into serving dish and set aside until ready to serve.

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