Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paleo Crème Brûlée

My Birthday is Sunday, so I wanted to make myself a little treat (or if anyone wants to make it for me, hehe kidding!) My girls at work made me Paleo apple cinnamon cupcakes that were awesome. What is even more awesome is that none of them do Paleo (yet) and it was really sweet for them to go through the trouble to try their hand at a Paleo baked goods--they are by far the hardest thing to make Paleo, and they tasted like a pro made them! So many thanks to my amazing girls for that awesome unexpected sweet gift!  But back to business...


Sogoodsogoodohsogood! I wracked my brain trying to figure this one out and I'm pretty proud of my first attempt, but I am going to try it again and again, you know for research purposes... I mean let's get real here, creme brulee is sugar, heavy cream, sugar, a little egg and vanilla and crystallized sugar on top. As for the torching of the sugar topping, I considered including cheating on this one a little bit because of the occasion, but I remained vigilant.

Sugar is out of the question.
Honey would melt.
Maple syrup is too... mapely flavored and would ruin the taste.
Stevia is WAY too sweet to cover the top of the brulee with.

As they baked, I kept thinking and just decided to go torch-less. Nevermind my torch was out of gas. In the end, as I said in the beginning: It worked out! The loss is that you don't get that epic sugary crunch I didn't miss it... at all. I did the best I could and I really think it tastes a lot like the real deal. Until I tweak this further, I am calling this a big success!

It's alive! It's ALIIIIVE!

Paleo Crème Brûlée (Torchless)
3 cups canned coconut milk
2 tsp. creamed coconut
1 whole vanilla bean
8 egg yolks
1/4 cup honey

Preheat oven to 325. Heat a sauce pan on low heat and add coconut milk and whisk in creamed coconut and allow to simmer, not boil.  Next, add the caviar from the vanilla bean, lay the bean flat on a cutting board and with a knife (I used a paring knife) make a staight cut all the way down the bean so it is split open. Almost like you are butterfly-ing it. Next, scoop out all the caviar (black stuff) and add it to the saucepan. While the milk and vanilla are simmering, add 8 egg yolks to a mixer or put in a large mixing bowl and beat/whisk, once the yolks have turned to a pale yellow add honey and mix until combined.

VERY slowly add in a little bit of the hot milk and continue to add very slowly until all the milk has been added.  Place 4 large ramekins (or 6-8 small ramekins) in a baking dish or a baking sheet that has a lip, and pour in the mixture. Place in an oven and pour water into the baking dish, about halfway up the side of the ramekins. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the water line on my dish and bake for 30-35 mins, removing just as they begin to brown. The brulee will still be a bit "liquidy" that's okay. Dust the top with cinnamon and place in the refrigerator for about 3 hours, until they set. I hope you are hungry because you won't be able to stop!

*if you don't have ramekins you can use oven-safe coffee mugs, just don't over fill because the inside will not set properly.
**I didn't strain like you are suppose to, because I don't have a mesh strainer... plus I didnt want to.

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  1. I will have to try this! What is creamed coconut? Also where did you find vanilla beans in the dirty?

  2. Creamed coconut comes in a little box, it's a coconut paste. I used it to thicken up my cream. I found vanilla at basic foods but HEB has it also....Basic foods for the creamed coconut too. This dish is really really good! I mean if I say so myself.

  3. I hope I can find the time (and skill) to try this! Your ideas just keep getting better!

    1. You got this! Totally do-able and thank you:)

  4. I made this cream brûlée today and ate it for dessert. It was good! I was able to find all the ingredients easily in mid county. I liked the texture of the brûlée which was very much like regular brûlées. I also was happy that it was a sweet creamy treat but not to sweet. I'd make it again. :) very good! Thanks for your creativity!!

  5. So happy you were able to find what you needed. I am also happy that you liked it!

  6. which brand of creamed coconut do you use?

  7. I can't remeber the name. However, this is what I am going to use next time

  8. Sounds like a great recipe. However, I'm confused. The recipe calls for 8 egg yolks, but the directions say to add 9 egg yolks. Can you please clarify how many egg yolks to use? Thanks!

    1. Sorry about that, it's 8. Thank you for letting me know, I just fixed it!