Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mexican Frittata

Recently at one of my Paleo workshops, we got on the subject of food withdrawals--they exist, and as we were talking about it I made the joke that during the first couple weeks of Paleo all you want to do is grab a loaf of bread and motorboat it. I'm one of those lame people who laughs at her own jokes and when we got home, the first thing my husband said was "Motorboating bread, where did you get that?" To be honest, I'm not quite sure, but I was pretty proud of it. But it's true that IS what you want to do. Maybe it's just me. Sometimes I will walk down the aisle at the grocery store just to smell a bag of marshmallows. I hope to one day conquer the paleo marshmallow but not today.We'll move on.

In all seriousness, it's sad that junk food has THAT kind of a hold on us, I associate marshmallows with everything good and happy, when it should be the other way around. When I was a little girl, honestly believed that the clouds were marshmallows and that angels walked, played, slept on them and eventually ate them. That sounds dreamy. I'm also reminded of a trip to Mexico (day after graduating from college) and was so exhausted because I was working full-time and planning my wedding and all I wanted to do was to take a trip that didn't require makeup, a blow dryer or any effort whatsoever. So my grandma, sister and I did just that. Best trip ever. My grandma and I spent a lot of time sitting out on our balcony, myself in a hammock. This has nothing to do with sugary food withdrawals I know, but apparently marshmallows remind me of happy times! Anyway, out on that balcony watching the sunset we had a long talk about Heaven and what we thought when we were little. We bounced around the idea that it's different for everyone and if that turns out to be true, I am getting marshmallow clouds. That is a pretty emotional attachment to food, no? The point is why are we so emotionally attached to food!? Why are we taught that food is a reward and not that the right food is a reward in and of itself? Let's break the mold, people! In honor of my mexican vacay, we are having a mexican frittata.


12oz. chorzio
1 12oz. bag of frozen fajita veggies
2 Tbs. pico de gallo
1 Tbs. cumin
1 T. bacon fat

In a large skillet heat the bacon fat and add chorizo. When meat has cooked about 5mins. add frozen veggies and pico and sautee. In the meantime, crack 12 eggs in a large mixing bowl and scabble until egg yolks are mixed with the whites. After meat is browned and veggies are soft add in the eggs and cumin and cook about 10 mins. on meduim to low heat then cover for 5-10 more mins. Serve with sliced avocoda.

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  1. Mmmmm... Motorboat...
    Hey I'm gonna need you you mail me this. Already cooked. K. Thanks! Heart your face!

  2. I don't know how eggs would keep. However I owe you a treat since my those Ice cream cookies tasted like dirty socks!