Monday, May 14, 2012

Cupcake Flowers

These are sooo cute, I wanted to keep them! I have been over how much I love cupcakes but I love flowers just as much so why not have both? This is the girliest thing ever, which makes me very happy. It's edible-- also great, and you can reuse the pot for real flowers or herbs! How many birds with one stone is that? Cupcake flower pots are so easy to make and you can personalize them for anyone. All you need is:

These were the first ones I made, though the picture above came out much better.
Cupcake Flowers
pack of chop sticks
flower pot(s) -- I found these at Target
tube of green paint
ribbon or decorative** tape
cupcake liners***
foam balls (craft store)
Moss or fake grass
hot glue
Strawberry cupcakes and icing

Bake your cupcakes and set aside to cool. Meanwhile paint your chopstick green so they look like stems. Then heat up your hot glue gun. While it's heating, measure and cut your ribbon, or if you're using tape, just apply tape around the top of the pots; If not, glue on your ribbon. Get creative*! Use ribbon and tape however you like. Cut foam to fit right inside the pot snugly, you want it to sit just inside not down at the bottom. I tried putting foam inside the bottom of the pot and the cupcakes were not "anchored" enough to stay upright. After the paint has dried, stab your chopstick into the foam, careful not to stab it all the way down to the bottom of the pot. Then cover the foam with moss or grass (no need to glue the moss) it will stay put, plus it will melt the foam. Gently puncture the bottom of cupcakes and place them onto the chopsticks. I iced the cakes after they were on the "stems" it's less likely to mess up the icing that way. Done. SOOO CUTE!

* I painted polka dots all over the first one I made. I also put the foam at the bottom of the pot which made it impossible for the cupcakes to stay put.
** decorative tape can be found anywhere!
*** I did the unthinkable and went inside a Walmart to buy the liners but others stores have them

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